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Urban Nomadic

This Spring Summer 2017 season the Vivier woman is ready to travel, and with her comes her unique sense of luxury and sophistication. Parisienne at her soul, she is multicultural and deeply connected to the world around her. She mixes with aplomb influences from near and far and is just as at ease in Ibiza as she is in Paris while deftly playing with traditional codes day and night dressing.

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Guipure Guipure has a central role in this new collection. Frisoni uses it in a way that plays with the codes of luxe and femininity and leaves room for all sorts of audacious and sassy styles. There is the sensual Skin Guipure, laser cut with water, to create vertiginous Vivier “Sin” heels and the new Podium sandals. Then there is Romantic Guipure which has been created through the embroidery of metallic thread on leather or through cotton embroidery woven onto hessian.
Rose'N Roll Exploring the glamour of the world, the Urban Nomad journeys in the summer sun with her secret flower. Adorning sandals or flats or featuring as a closure for the clutch, this rose is her personal compass. A Rose of the Winds that knows all directions. Couture petals for navigating between the continents guide the way to the most exotic side of life, even through days spent in the city.
Viv' Cabas Viv' Cabas embodies the light of the upcoming spring, even reflecting the zodiac with its new, slightly trapezoid shape, like the stars in the Leo constellation. This geometry of light rises in the east after sunset to announce the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere. Also in this subtle trapezoid form, broad and sensual, is the Viv' Cabas bag, featuring the iconic Roger Vivier buckle with its feminine curve to embrace the emotions of summer. Its ideal proportions mean that Viv' Cabas can be either hand-held or carried in a cross-body mode, depending on the attitude and the age, preferably inside out.
Podium The metal of the Podium sandal for Spring Summer 2017, which Bruno Frisoni uses to revisit a Vivier heel from the 1960s, is a new concept of dynamic light. High for daytime or vice versa, for ultimate freedom. Like the revolutionary decade honoured by Podium, bringing back the atmosphere of those years when women stepped down from heels and from conventions to opt for a blend of styles. Podium becomes the metallic signature used to rethink the glamour of iconic sixties beauties, who, atop the few inches of new eccentric heights, would dance all night long their avant-garde swing.
Pilgrim Day There may be a true secret, hidden in the luxury of this bag, never to be revealed. Perhaps because the new Pilgrim bag, ever softer and lighter, indulges all the needs of the Roger Vivier woman, the urban globetrotter travelling with her own talisman.A broad strap, inner pocket and elegant matching monochrome Vivier clasp mean more versatility than ever. The Pilgrim truly charms its way between nonchalance and commitments, anywhere and at any time of the day. Our globetrotter can have her initials embossed to the bag’s tag so it is always only hers.
Mule Trompette The double life of the trompette heel, the secret behind the elegant mule model in its various forms. For a trick to get people talking, trust the strap which moves as unpredictably as seduction. The Mule Trompette sandal offers the luxury of versatility, with a strap that buckles up behind the heel or at the front of the foot, encased in bold layers of leather, solid colour or tasteful tricolour.
Garden Collage Naive embroidery on denim, like an updated Liberty print under a microscope. An English landscape with a Bloomsbury style. This is the mixed flower patchwork by Bruno Frisoni for spring-summer 2017 that can be admired and worn on a bag and on sandals. It gives the Viv’, Viv’ Shopper and Photocall bags, the Rabat flat mule and the Podium sandal a poetical and irreverent chic, a masterful and paradoxical elegance.
Slidy Viv' The effortless spirit and elegant street style that follow in the steps of Sneaky Viv' make Slidy Viv' the new Roger Vivier bestseller. Wear with wide-leg trousers, maxi dresses or perhaps, like Ines de la Fressange, tight trousers and a shirt: Slidy Viv' will partner your outrageous irony by the sea or back in town, whether by day or by night.
Evening In the Evening 2017 collection, Roger Vivier bedazzles summer nights with glitter, pearls, feathers and emerald-coloured sequins. An amulet for everyone. A cascade of pearls that doubles as a bracelet, transforming the iconic Vivier clutch Boite de Nuit into a piece of jewellery. Or a bag in esoteric embroidery, sparkling straps and the glitzy Roger Vivier bow buckle to highlight the ankles. All this fabulous detailing is designed for the extravagant Vivier woman, who can also opt for majestic feathers. Elusive, like a night bird, they wrap the height of the sandals and the luxury of the handbags in a subtle impression of earthly paradise.