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This season's allure is inspired by a whimsical, modern, feminine woman. In her wake are precious materials, assertive designs and multiple influences. The Fortuny palace of Venice and the lavish baroque style meet Arab-Andalusian opulence infused with the Moroccan spirit. The color palette illustrates this eccentric Orientalism, which extends to the sophisticated details: gold braiding, rhinestones, sparkling brooches, trimmings and pompoms.

CLUB CHAIN The Vivier woman leaves behind a fleeting image of a pompom swinging below a twist of golden chains, the jewellery buckle of her Club Chain bag... Over the shoulder or across the body, the Club Chain bears the signature RV initials.
BAROCCO Taking a chic break from her daily rush, she opts for the understatement of black or midnight blue, enhanced by velour and satin with impressive, shimmering jewellery brooches. On these Oriental slippers and clutches, precious, hand-crafted, multicoloured embroideries mingle with prismatic slivers of stone, fragments of coral, beads, pendants and rhinestones held in place with golden thread.
PASSEMENTERIE On one side is an ultra-feminine sandal design featuring ankle ties finished with pompoms. On the other are two boot designs that coordinate with a flamboyant vermilion tote bag. And throughout, woven accents run along the edges, tracing the outline of elegant parentheses. With her couture accents, the Vivier woman opts for the ultimate in chic and glamour.
MARY JANE Mysterious, delicate, light... She likes to play coy with the innocence and sweetness of the Mary Jane court shoe. In nude or midnight blue velour, in a cross between ballet slippers and a little girl's strappy dress shoes, this design asserts the cheekiness of a rectangular rhinestone buckle and a little metal heel, to sparkle from top to bottom.