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Discover the Iconic pieces which write the story the Maison Roger Vivier: Miss Viv', Sphère, Prismick…

Signature Main MisViv


Miss Viv'

Launched in 2009, the Miss Viv' bag was inspired by the design of the iconic buckle.
Influenced by modernist architecture from the 1950s, the Miss Viv' bag has a squared design and features symmetrical flaps emblazoned with the iconic metal buckle on the front and a buckle-shaped detail at the back.
Always dressed in the trendiest colors and materials, the timeless Miss Viv' is a structured yet feminine bag that carries all the hallmarks of the Maison.

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Signature Main Bell


Belle Vivier Trompette

Born to be the new emblem of daytime elegance, the Belle Vivier Trompette is perfection in a shoe. Embellished with a sharp buckle covered in crystals, they bring to mind the signature Parisian silhouette. The chic Trompette heel is slightly flared, evoking a shape typical of the Seventies.

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signature main sphere



The Sphère stilettos embody refined sophistication and provide a classy finishing touch to any day-to-night look. Heir to the Tango Boule shoes designed by Mr. Roger Vivier in 1953 for Marlene Dietrich, they stand out for their precious spherical decoration at the base of the heel.

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Signature Main Ballerine


Ballet flats

The new round buckle hails from the archives of the Maison. Whether it's painted in bright hues or embellished with crystals, it is a classy detail that never goes out of fashion.
From the classic Belle Vivier to the contemporary Gommette, Roger Vivier's flats lend ballet-inspired romance to the tip of your toes.

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Signature Main Prismic



When he was not creating shoes, Mr. Vivier loved making geometric collages. Today, his works of art decorate the walls of the Silver Room of the Parisian headquarters. The Prismick collection pays hommage to this technique, offering new designs every season and playing with unique 3D effects. The Prismick bag has become a real must-have, appealing to contemporary women with a taste for bold pieces.

Signature Main Pilgrim


Pilgrim de Jour

The Pilgrim - the latest addition to Roger Vivier's bag collection - elevates any daytime outfit. Reflecting the traditional style of the Maison in a fresh and casual way, it features a leather-covered buckle with a minimalist design. Its versatility makes it a highly covetable bag, perfect for everyday wear. Available in a variety of materials, the Pilgrim is the expression of Roger Vivier's vision of cool.

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