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Gherardo Felloni
Creative Director

Born in Tuscany, Gherardo Felloni has already spent a lifetime living and working with shoes and accessories. Since assuming his new position in March 2018, he has brought his extensive, unique experience to the Parisian luxury accessory House. Although he originally planned to be an architect, his father encouraged him to apply his natural artistic ability to the design of shoes. “I see profound correlations between architecture and shoe design. Each involves a structure that must provide support.” After spending time at his family’s shoe workshop, he continued honing his skills at some of the leading fashion Houses. Over the past 10 years, he has been designing footwear, leather goods and accessories for luxury brands in Paris. “To me, Roger Vivier has always been a source of reference in my work. He was an absolute master of shoe design. It is an honor for me to work for the House that he created.” His love affair with design is influenced by his own personal passion for the arts, which includes exploring interior design, collecting antique jewelry and singing opera as a tenor.