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This season the Roger Vivier woman is a delicious eccentric who embellishes her look with accessories inspired by decorative elements. It is as if she had borrowed the finest details from her interior decor to create an accessories collection and in passing reveals her obsession with objects from all around the world: 19th-century Ottoman fabric, walls covered with ultra-graphic striped wallpaper, casually draped leopard skins and armful of flowers. Open-minded and always connected, she cultivates contrasts: she is just as fond of the precious cosmopolitanism of the Seventies as the arty, street designs of her era.

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Season Stars "the audacious 70’s femininity" The new, perfectly square-shaped Buckle Square accents the new Podium Square ankle boot. The boot’s lines are inspired by the audacious 70’s femininity. The Viv’ Cabas daybag reinvents its geometric style in multi-coloured striped leather marquetry like an abstract work of art.
OTTOWOMAN So Parisian and yet incredibly cosmopolitan, the Vivier woman’s idea of beauty this season includes an exotic touch. Inspired by 19th-century Ottoman hangings, the embroidery on the OttoWoman line is composed of golden metallic or multi-coloured thread depending on the design. When it is combined with fur, it evokes age-old Afghan coats. Ultra-luxurious know-how that we find on the boot of the season – Podium Square, delicately fur-trimmed mules and boots, and the Pilgrim bag.
RAYURE Offering a supreme contrast and an uncompromising motif, stripes are a recurrent theme at Roger Vivier. They are at the heart of this autumn/winter 2017 collection, changing their look depending on their colour treatment. For day, they mix tone-on-tone materials on Podium ankle, thigh-high and knee-length boots. The multicolor stripe adds an impertinent, very Vivier touch, shaking up the lines and reinventing itself in the form of a new motif!
SQUARE BUCKLE A perfect square. The new Square Buckle adopts the golden ratio. Boasting a design inspired by Monsieur Vivier’s archives from the sixties, it is svelte and slim, like the slender looks of the time. Its slight curve hugs the object on which it is placed, such as the Keep it Viv’ clutch and Viv’ and Pilgrim tote bags. Affixed to a leather bracelet designed like a belt around the ankle, it adorns Podium boots and ankle boots, along with the Trompette line.
LEOPARD The rebel that has become a timeless classic, Leopard scatters its precious spots over all of the season’s accessories. Autumn/winter 2017’s star signature is the Keep It clutch. Designed like an envelope, it boosts its sensuality with a finger grip that allows you to keep it always to hand.
SNEAKY VIV' Vivier’s most impertinent creation is afraid of nothing. A truly addictive piece, a fusion of luxury and street culture, it lends itself to every transformation. For winter 2017, it becomes a fur-trimmed mule. As stylish as ever, it can be slipped on in a flash. Its crystal Buckle is perfect for any setting or time of day, taking it through from a winter morning to a smouldering night.
WALLFLOWER A luxuriant bed of a thousand leather flowers, this line is an ode to poetry. Spellbinding luxury in which leather – a raw material – is folded and twisted to allow Vivier femininity to blossom. The line exudes a uniquely subtle sexiness. Romantic at times, it comes in black monochrome; sunny at others, it explodes with colour. A real “botanical wall” that climbs up along the ankle of a Sin ankle boot or bursts forth on the Soft clutch.
FEATHER SWIRL Roger Vivier’s version of magic. Like a whirlwind of feathers dancing around the Buckle, a precious jewel adorns a pair of sandals, mules and Papillon de Nuit closed-back heels. Its tender shades – Première fois pink and pearl grey – caress the skin. This sensuality is taken to excess in a V-shape on the thigh-high boots, the quintessence of the House’s extravagant spirit.