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Cookie Policy

We would like to inform you that we will process your personal information (hereinafter: "Personal Information") in compliance with the provisions of the European Union (EU) Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter: “Regulation”) and any specific local rules related to the protection of Personal Information (including Australia's Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (hereinafter, "Privacy Act")).

The following will explain all information relevant to the collection of your personal data, by the use of cookies and/or alternative monitoring methods, from the information supplied by visiting our Website, (from hereon, “Site”).

The following Privacy Policy is part of General Website Privacy Policy, to which we refer you, should you require any further information that isn’t described here below.
1. What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small strings of text that are sent from our website to your device (personal computer, tablet, smartphone, etc), and are memorized in order to enable you to be redirected back to the same Site, during any future visits. During navigation, your device may receive cookies from other websites or severs (“third parties”), of which are made up of different elements, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific page links and other dominions, as present on our website.

We’d like to make it clear that cookies allow a device to be identified and recognised as they access the site, however they cannot identify the person using that device.
2. Types of Cookies and Purpose for Use
Cookies work to enable access and navigation on a website and to assist the correct function of that site, facilitating access to authentication services for statistical purposes, to understand which areas of the site have been visited and better manage pages and marketing activities; to supply content and marketing that matches any requests sent during navigation (e.g. behavioural advertising with dynamic creativity).

Cookies may be:
  • a) persistent, where they are stored on your device’s hard disk until they expire;
  • b) sessional, where they are not stored on your device’s hard disk and will be deleted when you close your internet browser.

Furthermore, Cookies may be in the form of “first party”(from the website itself), or “come from third parties”.
3. What types of Cookies are used on our Site?

A. Technical Cookies

First party cookies, sessional or persistent, work to enable efficient website navigation and function, further improving the services supplied on that same site. These types of Cookies, for example, allow the correct recognition of selected languages and countries of navigation that you wish to connect too. Furthermore, these Cookies recognize you when you navigate the site, without requiring you to insert your personal information each time you access it. For example, if you have selected items to add to your Shopping Bag, yet you have chosen not to complete the purchase at that moment in time, they may store your bag details, enabling you to continue the process once you access the site again in the near future. Overall, functional cookies introduce the possibility of improving your navigational experience.
These cookies are necessary to fully access our website and cannot be deactivated, without compromising the correct function of that same site.
Currently, we exclusively use our own cookies on our website (“first party”).


B. Analytical Cookies (from third parties)

The website uses these Cookies, from “third parties” only, in order to collect information on the use of the Site.
These Cookies, also known as performance cookies (or service), are used to collect anonymous information and aggregate it in relation to the use of the Site, for example, data related to Site access, or data related to site origin, in order to create statistics on navigational use or the efficacy of marketing campaigns, furthermore, data related to the eventual technical difficulties encountered during navigation on our Site.
All information collected from this type of cookie, is aggregated and therefore cannot identify from who or where that information came from.
These Cookies are controlled by third parties, therefore we invite you to view their respective privacy policies, in order to better understand how they work.

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C. Marketing and Consumer Profiling Cookies

The Site uses these Cookies, solely from third parties, in order to annotate the relevant preferences selected during each visit made, creating your consumer profile where relevant and accurate material may be sent to you, regarding your consumer interests. This allows you to better access the products that you are looking for, or to offer you similar items based on the products that you have previously viewed. These Cookies work to allow you to view commercial content that we send you, even when you visit any partner sites (retargeting).
These Cookies are controlled by third parties, therefore we invite you to view their respective privacy policies, in order to understand how they work.

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With reference to the field of Marketing and Targeting Cookies, we use Flash cookies and Pixel Tags:
  • Flash cookie:in order to store your preferences, we may use local shared objects, such as Flash cookies. The amount and type of information collected by Flash cookies is different with respect to HTML Cookies, used by the browser, in the same way the function of those cookies is different. The instruments used for the management of cookies available on the browser are not able to remove Flash cookies, as indicated in paragraph “5. Management of Cookie preferences”.

    To disable Flash cookies, you will need to access instruments used for the management of Flashplayer setttings on the Macromedia site.
  • Pixel Tags:where you have granted consent to the use of tracking technology and/or profiling, we may use other tracking technologies (for example, web beacons, clear gifs) for the communication we send to you. The purpose of these technologies may, from time to time, record if you have opened an email or you have interacted with any links, for example, by clicking on them. This information may be combined with other types, to contribute to providing you with the best suited communications, calibrated to your navigational and purchasing experiences on the Site.


D. Social Network Cookies

Our website uses these “third party” cookies, in order to better integrate you on social networks (Facebook, Twitter,....) and in particular, to share content from the Site, via the above mentioned social networks. The are introductory, for example, they can be used to allow you to express your appreciation and interest in our products and/or our Brands, and to share your thoughts within your own social community. Social network cookies are not required for correct site navigation. We therefore invite you to view further information related to the use social media platform cookies, those to which you have subscribed, along with their relative privacy policies:

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4. Cookie Storage Period
Regarding “thirdparty” cookies, we invite you to view the Privacy Policies, as previously indicated.
5. Management of Cookie Preferences

A. Acceptance methods

As indicated in the brief, banner pop-ups on the Site, you may give your consent to the use of cookies in the described forms as below:

  • - clicking the “OK” button;
  • - closing the banner “X”;
  • - scrolling the page
  • - clicking on any content elements on any pages on the site.

By continuing the navigate the site without having selected a specific consent management preference, you allow the site to use all available cookies.


B. Withdrawing or Providing Consent

At any time, you may choose to accept, or refuse to accept, the use of cookies/pixel tag:

  1. i. Modifying the browser settings, by choosing which cookies to withdraw consent from. To access your browser settings, we invite you to view the following procedures, as indicated:

    - Chrome
    - Internet Explorer
    - Firefox
    - Safari
    - Opera

    We’d like to highlight that should you choose to completely disable the use of all browser cookies, this may compromise the correct function of our website, such as normal page navigation on our site, the possibility to complete purchases on our web-stores, and the loss of access to targeted marketing and messages during navigation.
  2. ii. withdrawing your consent through the specific “opt out” procedure made available to third parties (where required):
  3. iii. connecting to the site http://youronlinechoices.com/, restricting services on that platform, where, in that moment, consumer profiling/marketing activities take place.

6. For more information and Contact
Entity that holds Personal Information: Tod’s S.p.A., with registered office in 1, Via Filippo Della Valle, S. Elpidio a Mare FM – Italy (EU). Data Protectipon Officer:dataprivacyofficer@todsgroup.com.