The Polichinelle Heel

The archives provide a rich source of inspiration for the creative minds behind Roger Vivier. One such archive piece is the Polichinelle, a heel that curves inward and extends towards the foot, created in 1960 by Monsieur Vivier and inspired by 18th century pumps. During this time, the Polichinelle transformed the silhouette of a conventional heel by challenging the idea of a narrow shape and replacing it with a wider, thicker version in what can be considered as the very first block heel for women’s shoes. Today, more than 50 years later, the archive heel is reborn in the Fall/Winter 2019 collection as the Courbette, designed by Gherardo Felloni as a bicolor, chunky heel with a curved interior. The Courbette continues Monsieur Vivier’s legacy of innovation and creativity, its shape as unique as its predecessor but with the added dimension of a distinct metallic curve.