Bells Ringing - A Christmas Carousel

Celebrating the Holiday Season

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Featuring Kimberose and Gherardo Felloni

Where Dreams Come True

Creative Director Gherardo Felloni creates yet another musical spectacle, this time collaborating with French singer Kimberose. A Christmas Carousel celebrates all the magic of the end of the year – a season where dreams can come true.

Kimberose, who has two successful albums under her belt, plays the role of Dalia, a struggling musician whom we find on a darkened street corner, singing without an audience. With the help of a mysterious man, she discovers an abandoned theatre that houses a carousel horse. As she looks into its twinkling eyes, Dalia’s dream suddenly comes true! Transformed into a glamorous chanteuse, she finds herself on stage performing in front of an audience, with the spotlight shining down on her.

Just as abruptly as it starts, the dream then stops. Dalia wakes up in the dark theatre amidst boxes upon boxes of shoes wrapped in bows – the Christmas carousel’s final gift.

An Exclusive Holiday Selection

A Christmas Carousel conveys a message of hope and giving. The film features a curated selection of shoes, bags and accessories that are perfect for the festive season. In Gherardo Felloni's reinterpretation of the boule strass heel created by Monsieur Vivier for Marlene Dietrich in 1953, a pair of elegant sandals adorned with a crystal cube heel take centrestage. The insoles of the Cube Strass Heel Sandals and Mules are also decorated with a padded heart, a Maison signature motif.

Precious crystals, delicate satin and lush velvet evoke elegance in Roger Vivier’s holiday selection, which includes bags, jewellery and a new line of hair accessories, created with the same distinctly Vivier style and savoir-faire.