Roger Vivier 推出 Viv' Choc 新款 – 經典瞬間

Introducing the Viv Choc: a day-to-evening bag that signals a duality of desires.

Presenting the new Viv' Choc bag

A Duality of Desires

A New Creation by Gherardo Felloni.

Desire comes in innumerable shapes and sizes. For Gherardo Felloni, the creation of a new statement bag began by imagining how emblematic Roger Vivier codes could be articulated with instant yet timeless allure. Dualities exist throughout Felloni’s vision of Viv Choc. At first glance, this bag looks characteristically boxy and ladylike. Up close, however, Viv Choc’s gently rounded silhouette is undeniably sensual. The iconic buckle is at the centre, with its polished golden curves that now appear like jewellery embedded into the leather.


Showcasing Savoir-faire

The design continues to reveal tradition and innovation in equal measure. Crafted in Italy, the Viv' Choc is cut by hand and features double accordion folds at the sides that allow the bag to expand slightly. Spanning the length of a hand-ribbed pocket along the back, Roger Vivier is embossed in large leather lettering – discreet in placement, yet bold in impact.

Feminine Seduction

An enticing bag conceived to endure, the Viv' Choc continues Felloni’s tribute to the iconic Choc heel. Here, the attitude of feminine seduction is carried through with precise savoir-faire. It is made for the contemporary Vivier woman who moves effortlessly from sunrise to sunset; a dynamic presence by day and a charming beauty by night. Igniting desire in a multitude of ways, this is an instant classic whose impact reaches far beyond the present moment.