Stories of savoir-faire: Jewel Bags

Precious details in the making

The Pochette Jewel Buckle Flower Strass Bag

Traditional savoir-faire remains the focus this season at Roger Vivier, expressed through artisanal techniques passed down for generations. Crafted in satin, the youthful Pochette Jewel Buckle Flower Strass Bag embodies the Maison’s artistry through the distinctive details of a bejewelled top handle and matching buckle. Embracing the traditions of fine jewellery-making, the ornate top handle requires over seven hours to create. Its jewel-encrusted silhouette is covered in over 100 rhinestones and three metres of brass chain, which twists around its curved structure.

Witness the artisanal masters at work

The Viv’ Cabas Jewel Buckle Flower Strass Bag

The trapezium shape of the Viv’ Cabas Jewel Buckle Flower Strass Bag is a masterful feat of studied craftsmanship. Soft at the front and structured at the back, it is hand-crafted in rich velvet and features precious details that mirror those of the Pochette Jewel Bag. A bejewelled buckle with over 100 rhinestones graces its flap closure, each stone added individually by the meticulous hands of the Maison’s artisans.