Bonjour Vivier!

Conversations on Heritage, Vision and Fashion

The Perfect Partnership

“Bonjour Vivier!” is an unprecedented project. It features Gherardo Felloni, the Maison’s Creative Director, and Sophie Fontanel, an uninhibited fashion critic. They come together for a series of short conversations, all very natural and delightfully unbridled. And so, with a giggle, we learn the whole story of Roger Vivier, the whole art of being a shoe designer in today’s world.

“Hello, my name is Sophie Fontanel, and I am a fashion writer in Paris. One night I was at Gherardo Felloni’s house. I got the opportunity to ask him all those questions about his work that come to mind when I realize I'm not working...
And he answered them all. It was fun and authentic. Spontaneous.That was how these little videos of “Bonjour Vivier!” began, orchestrated by the facetious cameras of Loïc Prigent.”


Bonjour Vivier!

Featuring Gherardo Felloni and Sophie Fontanel