Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2022 presents: The Secrets of the Swan

Artistic Director Gherardo Felloni exhibits his Fall/Winter 2022 collection in a new edition of Hotel Vivier in Paris.

Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2022

Hotel Vivier Confidentiel: The Secrets of the Swan

The Secrets of the Swan

Gathering. Coming together to celebrate freedom, beauty, femininity and the arts.  “Letting your imagination run wild is now more important than ever,” assures Gherardo Felloni,  knowing that accessories appeal to the senses. A heel raps the floor, announcing the arrival of a woman. The shine of a handbag clasp catches the eye. Eroticism and mystery are part of the world of accessories, and they play a role at Hotel Vivier.

Presenting Fall/Winter 2022

At the Hotel Vivier Confidentiel, the  friendly, impish eye of Monsieur Roger Vivier takes in this assembly where the senses and genders intermingle. The spirit of a workshop, that is at the heart of the brand’s eminently Parisian identity of the brand. Exceptional meticulousness, as shown by the emblematic Viv’ Choc bag, which emerges in a neon pink satin variation topped with a rhinestone buckle. No fewer than twenty-five unique models of the Viv’ Choc feature various embroideries and crystal jewelry buckles.
Gherardo Felloni demonstrates the modernity of the House legacy. Taking inspiration from  pieces in the archives, he reproduces the famous, delicately curved Choc heel originally invented by Roger Vivier, and designs a new pump adorned with feathers. Heritage meets the present day in an ode to creativity. Like precious jewelry to be worn on the leg beneath the knee which lightens the step. Fanciful, always and forever.