Signature jewelry

A precious new family of jewelry

The 60's vibe

The new collection revolves around three crucial design elements—pearls, hearts and crystals—all cherished themes of the Roger Vivier creative universe. The jewelry items of this new collection include earrings, hair accessories, bracelets and necklaces. The mood is contemporary, yet exudes a delightful hint of retro vibe, which is slightly reminiscent of the resourcefulness that define Swinging Sixties.

The Heart

The heart is a timeless icon of Roger Vivier. Exquisite, shining and studded with tiny pearls, the Heart Strass Hair Clip perfectly enhances the elegance of an evening outfit.

Broche Vivier

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful gardens around the Palace of Versailles, the Broche Vivier expresses the same exquisite symmetry with its rich crystal buckle.

Crystal Bouquet Strass

Gherardo Felloni’s inspiration for the crystal Bouquet Strass buckle stems from typical elements of antique jewelry. The enchanting floral motifs of this design can be found adorning bracelets, earrings and a hairpiece.

The Buckle

Just one piece of jewelry can enhance any outfit. Inspired by the formal elegance of the Palace of Versailles gardens, Gherardo Felloni has created the Broche Vivier collection around a symmetrical Roger Vivier crystal buckle.

The Hairclip

Gherardo Felloni has successfully reintroduced the hairclip as a modern, must-have jewelry accessory. His Flower Strass Buckle hairclip features a delightful mini version of the Roger Vivier buckle, whose flowers are delicately crafted in precious crystals.