Hotel Vivier

Welcome to Hotel Vivier – Gherardo Felloni’s cinematic homage Parisian distinction

To introduce the first collection of Gherardo Felloni, Roger Vivier created “Hotel Vivier” - an ode to women, in all their diversity and beauty. It started with a journey of exploration into the archives of the Maison, to inspire a new creative vocabulary for the Vivier woman. In Felloni’s own imagination, women are like flowers in a garden - romantic but sometimes abandoned. That very imagination and rich variety of women are at the heart of a living and breathing world for the presentation of his debut collection. Stepping through the doors of “Hotel Vivier” is like walking into a sequence of scenes from a film. Each room in the hotel hosts a woman representing Felloni’s love for the arts – an opera singer, a sculptor, a dancer, an actress and a photographer. At the intersection of fiction and reality, the experience feels both familiar and unexpected. It is a fascinating place where visitors are invited to discover the world of Roger Vivier.

An Hotel Vivier scene

On September 27, 2018, Roger Vivier opened the doors of “Hotel Vivier” for the first time in Paris. A historical hôtel particulier was transformed into an eclectic hotel that breathed life to Felloni’s concept, where guests were invited to discover the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Olivia Palermo, Winnie Harlow and the Maison’s ambassadors Tang Yan and Mina Shin graced the red carpet, and interacted with the women that inspired “Hotel Vivier,” immersing themselves in Felloni’s imagination. Following the debut in Paris, Hotel Vivier then made its way to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and New York, each having its own interpretation of Felloni’s concept thus introducing the rest of the world to this unique iteration of the Roger Vivier universe.

An Hotel Vivier character

The mistress of the house

A singer that entertained guests at Hotel Vivier

Gherardo Felloni and the colorfoul character of Hotel Vivier