Roger Vivier presents: "A Vivier Love Story"

Giving Fall/Winter 2020 a dose of fun, Creative Director Gherardo Felloni presents the Funny Love shoes and bags.

art-68-IMG 1.jpg

Discover Funny Love

Inspired by the Maison’s motifs of hearts and lips, the Funny Love styles feature embroidered scribbles of these patterns, as well as the RV logo, in black, gold and silver stitching.
The I Love Vivier Funny Love styles combine the signature décolleté, inspired by the Maison’s archives from the 1960s, with the fun embroidered drawings. This collection comes in ballerina flats and pumps with a low kitten heel, in vibrant colours of red and pink. As always, the bright red heart is secretly concealed inside the I Love Vivier styles as the ultimate proof of love.
Matching the shoes is the Funny Love RV Mini Bag, one the collection’s most versatile accessories. Carried either by hand, with the metal R and V handles, or over the shoulder with a metal chain, the Funny Love RV Mini Bag stands out with its playful embroidery of hearts and stars.