Roger Vivier presents: "My little surrealistic theatre"

Musical ingénue, global influencer and Maison Ambassador Ouyang Nana embarks on a journey of fantasy and fashion in “My Little Surrealist Theatre” – the new campaign from Roger Vivier.

Discover "My Little Surrealistic Theatre"

Creative Director Gherardo Felloni collaborates with Ouyang Nana in this film that gives us a glimpse of what goes on inside the theatre of the mind, where Nana is free to stretch the boundaries of reality. A red velvet curtain reveals the stage where she is free to play, not only with her cello and music, but also with shoes and bags that capture her imagination. The world is her stage. Music plays like a movie in her mind. A fantasy so vivid it becomes her reality. Red curtains go up and objects fill the air, suspended in her dream, sparkling, like the shoes that catch the light. She looks closer and closer. Up, above and around her, in her surrealist theatre. As she looks in the hall of mirrors, reflections look back and she sees herself in ways that she’d never seen before: The cellist, the star, the artist… The woman. “This is my second campaign with Roger Vivier, and every time I can explore many different perspectives of myself through Gherardo’s creation”, Nana shares. “In this production, I wandered through different scenes designed by him and felt his surreal creativity and imagination, which also brought me a lot of inspiration. It was a collaboration full of surprise and happiness.” Showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection, “My Little Surrealistic Theatre” represents the concept of Sensorama, an exploration of the senses and how they are what connects imagination to the mind.


Discover the latest collaboration between Roger Vivier and Maison Ambassador to China, Ouyang Nana.