My Perfect Pair

Roger Vivier presents “My Perfect Pair”

What makes a perfect pair? It’s when style combines with comfort, when classic blends with contemporary and when lyrics find the perfect melody.

Last February, Roger Vivier set the stage for romance on Valentine’s Day with “My Perfect Pair” – a love song that speaks about everyone’s quest to find their other half, to make the perfect pair. Conceptualized by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni for Roger Vivier and directed by Laura Sicouri, the film stars French actress and singer Leslie Medina.

The story opens within the halls of the Hotel Villa Royale in Paris. A young man, with a precious package to deliv­er, hears a song. He follows the woman’s voice, through the corridors and up the stairs, until he finds her room. He looks through the key hole and discovers a woman, alone and singing about love, inspiration and finding the perfect pair. Wearing her I Love Vivier heels, she plays the piano and continues her song as the young man watches, captivated by her voice. 

Will he knock on her door? Will she open it and find her perfect pair? Or will they go their separate ways?

My Perfect Pair

Valentine’ Day