Roger Vivier presents: "A Vivier Love Story"

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Roger Vivier presents “A Vivier Love Story,” a film directed, produced and starred by actress MinA Shin who is also the Maison Ambassador for Korea. In collaboration with Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, Roger Vivier’s story about the value of love is interpreted by MinA through her own eyes and sensibilities. Featuring key pieces of the Fall/Winter 2020 collection, the film combines contrasting elements such as the past and the present, Seoul and Paris, and grandmother and granddaughter, creating a beautiful harmony that is captured on film. Conveying the loving bond between grandmother and granddaughter, the story begins from a living room filled with sunshine. On a relaxed afternoon, while her grandmother is enjoying her nap, the granddaughter sneaks into her granny’s room and finds her cherished Roger Vivier box inside a drawer. Sparkling inside the box is a pair of I Love Vivier shoes, which transports viewers to a glamorous and beautiful time in the past. At that moment, the melancholy tunes of “First Love”, sung by Korean iconic duo Pearl Sisters in the 1960s, are gently amplified, and we find MinA on stage dressed as a singer in the style of this fashionable decade.

Dancing elegantly, with her eyes filled with aspiration, MinA, in her eye-catching red dress and the I Love Vivier slingback pumps, with its sparkling RV logo, takes us to experience this dreamy, bygone era. Having encountered her granny’s past with the Roger Vivier shoes, the granddaughter gazes at her grandmother with a radiant smile, and as the film ends, another beautiful memory is added to this love story. In the epilogue, the grandmother and the granddaughter spend a happy moment of dancing alongside each other in their Hotel Vivier Mules. This season’s newest style, the Hotel Vivier Mules epitomizes the creative spirit and distinct style that is unique to Roger Vivier. Discover “A Vivier Love Story” now.


Maison Ambassador for Korea MinA Shin, in collaboration with Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, produces her first short film for Roger Vivier.

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