Presenting Hotel Vivier Cinémathèque - The first interactive film by Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier has had ties to the world of cinema since its beginnings: its founder designed shoes for Marlene Dietrich and Catherine Deneuve. In turn, Gherardo Felloni takes inspiration from his own love of cinema for the Spring/Summer 2021 presentation.

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“Welcome to Hôtel Vivier Cinémathèque.” This line is spoken to the visitors of the new Roger Vivier project, a fun, interactive platform presenting the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. And it is no other than Isabelle Huppert who delivers it. Seated in a surrealist setting, dressed in a diaphanous dress and lit by red neon lights, the French actress invites the website visitor to the unique world of cinema. Each season since he became Creative Director of the French Maison, Gherardo Felloni has presented his new collection at “Hotel Vivier”, an exceptional event where accessory design mingles with other forms of expression such as theater, opera, performance art, cabaret, and more. For the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the focus is mainly on cinema, an art that combines elegance with humor and sophistication with cheekiness. Hotel Vivier Cinémathèque is a game: we follow Isabelle Huppert, who invites us to solve riddles like a cinephile sphinx. The challenge is to find a key. If you answer incorrectly, you have to go back. If you answer correctly, you go on to the next level. And what happens once we’ve made it through? “Treasure Island!” delights Gherardo Felloni. A spring garden where fruits, flowers and wondrous cakes mingle with the Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

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The Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2021 collection is all about flowers blooming and the beauty of nature. The flower motif has always been a part of the Maison’s history and for Spring/Summer 2021, Felloni gives his own take on florals, creating shoes, bags and accessories that signal a rebirth for the new season. The skills of Roger Vivier’s artisans are brought to the forefront with the stunning craftsmanship of key pieces in the collection. A spring garden where fruits, flowers and cakes mingle, this is where you will find the Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The colors are delicate, like pear green and lilac; the shapes are modern yet elaborate in the pure house tradition. And authentic craftsmanship reveals its precision in the floral design present in this collection.

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