Roger Vivier Strengthens Its Partnership With Plan International

In celebration of International Women's Day 2021, Roger Vivier strengthens its partnership with Plan International

Building A Better Future

Maison Roger Vivier recognizes the important role that women play to influence global change. They are a key demographic whose opinions and voices are getting heard more and more each day. With this collaboration, the Maison is helping shape the voices of the future, the young girls of today who will become the women leaders of tomorrow. The collaboration began in 2018 when Roger Vivier and Plan International launched a campaign that helped children in Cameroon and Benin. This year, the partnership continues with projects that will reinforce the activities implemented by Plan International and supported by Roger Vivier over the last years. With the ongoing health crisis, millions of girls dropped out of school and are at risk of dropping out permanently. As part of its next stages, and in addition to providing education for girls and continuing to support schools, the program also aims to facilitate the economic integration of 100 young women through setting up vocational training courses and assisting them in their entry into formal employment or their creation of new businesses.

A Future After the Pandemic

Roger Vivier sustains its partnership with Plan International and continues its commitment to provide assistance so that these young women can pursue their education even during these challenging times. In Cameroon, emergency funds have been mobilized to meet the demands of ongoing education, tutoring courses and the improvement of studying conditions by purchasing computers and learning materials. In Benin, teachers are being trained on distance education and awareness campaigns on sanitary measures continue. Schools have also been supplied with thermometers, washable masks, hydro alcoholic gels and other necessities. Thanks to this support more than 700 boys and girls have gone back to primary school in both Cameroon and in Benin. The program aims to ensure the education of the girls who are most affected by the health crisis continue, giving them a better chance of recovering after the situation is resolved.