Walk This Way - Rainey Qualley tries on the new Walky Viv'

Roger Vivier Presents the New Walky Viv’ with Rainey Qualley

A New Creation by Gherardo Felloni.

For his new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Creative Director Gherardo Felloni presents the Walky Viv’ – a new style that combines the best features of trainers and combat boots. In a special campaign starring Rainey Qualley (Rainsford), the Walky Viv’ is launched as one of the must-have shoes for the season. Finely handcrafted in black patent leather or recycled canvas, the Walky Viv’ comes in a palette of neutral colours, together with an oversized crystal buckle. It also features a notched rubber sole that provides additional traction. “What I love most about the shoes is that they’re so easy to wear but they still feel special,” says Qualley. “It has been such a pleasure getting to know Gherardo over the past few years. Each one of his designs for Roger Vivier is absolutely stunning.”