Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2021 presents: Do We Show?

Roger Vivier is proud to present a new film by Gherardo Felloni presenting the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

Do We Show?

Each one is unique. And each one is elegant. Each one is a cult personality that continues to fascinate us today. There are five of them, all actresses or singers: Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Edith Piaf. These five women – or, rather, impersonators of these five emblematic personalities – are the stars of Do We Show?, the film created by Gherardo Felloni to present his Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. The film resonates specifically with the present day. Its storyline reflects how the pandemic has been postponing real-life events, fashion shows and exhibitions, with the result being that fashion is not able to express itself the way it once did. In the words of Gherardo Felloni, “It would be absurd to act as if it weren’t happening. Instead, we need to embrace it and have some fun with the concept of waiting.” The film's plot depicts this time of waiting and anticipation. It is also a love letter to the thespians, singers and personalities of the entertainment world who have been hit hard by this crisis. Gherardo Felloni always infuses his work with humour and Do We Show? offers up a playful take on fashion. The film plays on how appearances can be deceiving, and you can be sure to enjoy a delightful little twist at the end.

The Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

Delight is precisely what Roger Vivier strives to provide and this collection reflects just that. Gherardo Felloni, who says that he uses “fashion and accessories as a way to ward off the gloom,” has designed a bold, yet charming, collection. Looking forward to the future, he proposes the stiletto-heeled Covered Buckle Platform Boot. Not to mention the Viv’ Choc bag, set with metal jewellery for a sensational effect. The time has come to have some fun; give yourself the permission to enjoy life. Like Grace Kelly declares in the film, “Dreams have incomparable energy!”

Do We Show?

A New Film by Gherardo Felloni presenting Autumn/Winter 2021