Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2020 presents: "A Corner of Nature"

The natural and rugged beauty of Giglio island, in the archipelago of Tuscany, serves as the backdrop for a series of campaigns to showcase Roger Vivier’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Discover "A Corner of Nature"

“A Corner of Nature” – the second series produced on Giglio island, where a group of friends used the time of isolation to explore creativity, beauty and nature, and make something beautiful. For this special production, Felloni collaborated with Japanese designer and artist Tomo Koizumi, who is known for his couture-like approach to fashion is something that he shares with the Maison. This unique collection of handmade dresses created a striking contrast against key pieces of the new collection, the Viv’ Skate sneakers and the Call Me Trés Vivier bag. Inspired by the skateboarding culture of the 1970s, the Viv’ Skate captures the era’s youthful spirit. The Viv’ Skate sneakers feature pure lines, enhanced with either a lacquered or metal side buckle – the Maison’s signature.

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“A Corner of Nature” presents a blending of different colors and light to create a single palette that is reminiscent of a Claude Monet landscape, with the shoes, bags and dresses contrasting with the natural shades of wood. “Sunlight, trees, colors! Was breathtaking,” says Felloni about his inspiration for this production. To quote the words of Claude Monet himself: “My wish is to stay always like this, lying quietly in a corner of nature.” Discover “A Corner of Nature” on Instagram @rogervivier.