The Work of Master Artists

Roger Vivier is known for creating not only architectural heels that defied convention but also shoe designs that were considered as works of art. He preferred to call shoes by the more sophisticated term souliers rather than the common chaussures because his creations were women’s fantasies come to life. The most celebrated of his creations were the shoes he designed for evening wear. Aside from collaborating with Christian Dior, Monsieur Vivier also collaborated with a master embroider named Réné Bégué. More popularly known as Rébé, this master embroider had a career that spanned five decades and was the star of haute couture during his time. Rébé worked with the most sought after French fashion designers, including Monsieur Vivier. It was Rébé who helped him realize some of his most ornate designs, such as a pair of yellow silk shoes created in 1957. This particular pair featured a complex floral pattern, made up of a combination of multicolored silk together with gold and silver threads. Rébé brought a multi-dimensional aspect to Vivier’s design, using different-sized stitches for the flowers, incorporating paillettes that glittered under the strands of silk thread. He even made the flowers as realistic and accurate as possible by adding plenty of depth and texture to the design.

Their collaboration was not limited to just embroidery either. Rébé also embellished Monsieur Vivier’s shoes with beads, rhinestones and pearls. A pair of mules were hand-beaded by Rébé, featuring pearls that seem to move from the sides to the top, gathering to form delicate branches. The remarkable embellishment of the mules is matched with its architecture: an upturned sole and distinct curve of the Choc heel. This principle of savoir faire and expert craftsmanship lives on today in all Roger Vivier creations. With each pair of shoes that Gherardo Felloni and our master artisans create together, they are keeping the spirit of Monsieur Vivier and Rébé alive.