Ouyang Nana: The Maison’s newest ambassador


Roger Vivier is proud to introduce the Maison’s newest ambassador in China, Ouyang Nana. Before reaching her 20th birthday, Nana already has a list of achievements that other young women her age are just starting to dream about. At 13 years old, the young cellist received a full scholarship at the esteemed Curtis Institute of Music in the United States, at 17 she shared the stage with celebrated rapper Wiz Khalifa, performing at the 2018 Breakthrough Prize Awards – the first Asian artist ever to do so. Today, with 17 million followers on Sina Weibo and 434 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Nana’s global influence is a force to be reckoned with, and Roger Vivier is proud to welcome her to its distinguished circle of Maison ambassadors. Aside from being a talented musician and actress, Nana is also known as a trendsetter whose unique style speaks to the new generation of Vivier women. Her vlog receives millions of visits, with her followers always eager to see what she will wear and where she will travel to, next. Nana was recently in Paris, shooting an exclusive film for her launch as the newest Maison Ambassador of Roger Vivier. She was met by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, a fellow music aficionado.


The film, “Un Violoncelle à Paris” (“The Cello in Paris”), is inspired by Arsène Lupin, the French persona who combined both mischief and charm, and is set against Paris at night, a backdrop reminiscent of a Helmut Newton photograph. With her youthful spirit and admirable talent, Nana exemplifies creativity and absolute mastery of craft – two intrinsic values of the Maison and of Vivier women all over the world.