Abracashoes film on the iconic Belle Vivier

Roger Vivier presents “Abracashoes” a new film that highlights one of the Maison’s most iconic styles: the Belle Vivier. Imagined by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, “Abracashoes” stars Hollywood actresses Christina Ricci and Dianna Agron. Ricci has won several awards, including a Satellite Award for Best Actress, as well as Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild nominations. Felloni considers her as a cult actress, having grown up with her films as they are the same age. Watching her movies, such as Mermaids, The Addams Family and Bufallo 66, always brings up fond memories for him. “Christina is one of my dream actresses who I really admire,” Felloni says. “She was at our Hotel Vivier event in Los Angeles, plus she also works with Tim Burton who is a director that I like.” Agron is famous for her role as Quinn Fabray in Glee. Felloni took inspiration from the hit TV series for Hotel Vivier Call Time, dedicating one of the rooms to a scene that was inspired from the cast’s performance of “I Say A Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin. According to Felloni, Dianna is “a talented young actress. Her beauty and sex appeal seduced me at first sight.” The story begins inside a theater where a magic show is about to begin. The curtain opens, and Christina Ricci, the master of illusion, steps out to perform her magic trick. She surveys the audience for a volunteer, curiously looking at their shoes more than their faces. After a slight hesitation, she chooses Dianna Argon who is wearing a pair of Belle Vivier pumps.


Surprised at being chosen, Dianna joins Cristina on stage and lies down inside a box, under the festive applause of the audience…and the skeptical gaze of Gherardo Felloni, who sits at a table. Christina holds the saw and starts cutting Dianna in half. The master illusionist cuts with a rhythmic noise, mesmerizing the audience with the sound and movement. Faster and faster Christina cuts, while Dianna’s feet move madly outside the box. Suddenly, Christina stops and with a loud “Ta-da!” smiles and holds the Belle Vivier shoes like a trophy. White doves fly around her as she runs away. Dianna is stuck inside the box, barefoot and shouts at Gherardo: “She stole my shoes!” He looks at her - split in half, barefoot - and starts to laugh hysterically. Meanwhile, backstage, Christina opens her magician’s box, revealing different compartments, each with a pair of Belle Vivier. One compartment is empty, with a photo of the Dianna’s Belle Vivier shoes. Christina, master illusionist and serial stealer, puts the shoes inside the compartment and whispers: “ABRACASHOES”.