Daydream Vivier – the Fall/Winter 2019 press presentation

Immerse yourself in Daydream Vivier, where the dreams of women become a reality through the imagination of Creative Director Gherardo Felloni. Daydream Vivier takes you on a daring trip through the desires, passions and the most foolish dreams of women.

For the press presentation of the new Fall/Winter 2019 collection, Felloni created a dreamscape where one finds inspiration, fantasy and a unique place where everything is possible. “Dreams are a metaphor for reality,” he says. “For the launch of the Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, my inspiration comes from what I think women imagine when they dream.”

Set in a majestic hôtel particulier in the heart of Paris, the space for Daydream Vivier hosted seven rooms inhabited by different characters, representing seven marvelous dreams that can sometimes turn into beautiful nightmares. Eclectic characters were found in each room, sometimes hidden to visitors who had to find their way, like walking through a daydream, to discover the collection.

The first space opened at the edge of a haunted forest, a wolf watching her cub from afar as a lost young woman tries to find her way. There was a boudoir-style, satin-pink room with many colorful wigs and antique mirrors. At the end of another corridor, unicorns lined the walls, from the floor to the ceiling, while a young Japanese DJ in a refined kimono dress punctuated the mood with music. Upstairs, there was a 70s-style jungle where a gorilla and her mistress waited. Then there was the cinema room where the film "Belle de Jour" was projected and ten Catherine Deneuve lookalikes were installed in the movie theater. Further on, two sisters acted out a Dolly Parton fantasy, playing country music in a western setting where guitars adorned the walls. Elsewhere, one is propelled into 19th century England, where a psychiatrist, Madame Freud, analyzed her patient’s obsession for shoes. There was also a live choir, singing excerpts from famous opera songs on the second floor landing, keeping guests entertained throughout the day.

Seven rooms where the décor evoked poetry and fantasy, served as showcase for a diverse collection of footwear, from elegant pumps to cowboy boots, and a sophisticated mix of materials such as velvet, satin, leather and rhinestones. Not to mention bags, including the Beau Vivier, the ultimate bag of the season. Joining Gherardo Felloni were Ines de la Fressange, the Maison’s ambassador and Diego della Valle, together with celebrities, supermodels, It girls, bloggers and many other friends of the Maison.
Discover the new collection here on and immerse yourself in the Daydream.

Daydream Vivier

Press Day FW19/20