Les Rêveries - The Fever

Viv’ Mag goes behind-the-scenes during the production of Vivier Rêveries, the Maison’s newest platform for creative talents.

A platform for new, contemporary talents who come together to create engaging content that celebrates the spirit of the Vivier woman, Vivier Rêveries is the latest social media project launched by the Maison. A collaboration of a team of industry movers and innovators, Vivier Rêveries produced “The Fever,” series of compelling photographs that tell the story of passion-at-first-sight between a woman and her Roger Vivier accessories.

The Set
A hotel room serves as the backdrop for “The Fever” as a woman sits lonely and alone, waiting for something to ignite her passion.

The Scene
The bell rings and she picks up a pair of shoes that has been left for her at the door. She tries them on and the shoes light a fire inside. Again and again, the bell rings and beautiful shoes and bags keep coming, adding to her joy and bringing back her passion. It is a dance of seduction that ends with a declaration of love and, finally, a kiss.

The Styling
Color played a big role in the artistic direction of “The Fever”, focusing on colors of love and passion – red and pink tones that also convey the Maison’s identity. The brightness of the pink and violet I Love Vivier Crystal wave shoes were offset with the neutral colors of the black Très Vivier bag and Wing Strass ballerinas.

Styling from Vivier Rêveries