Jewels to Shoes

Inspired by Italian director Antonio Pietrangeli’s 1965 cult film “Io la conoscevo bene,” Creative Director Gherardo Felloni recreates the story of a young, aspiring actress who is chasing her dreams of stardom, producing a dramatically animated backdrop for the Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

The story takes place at the heart of upstate New York, in a baroque mansion built in the beginning of the 20th century by an eclectic gentleman with extraordinary taste in furniture: antique wooden balustrades, stained glass windows and marble sculptures, coming from all over the world. Beyond its polished gardens and massive doors, Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon is setting the stage for her class. She is flamboyant and fun, with a flair for theatrics and an obsession for shoes. With her trusty dog, Tuna, she waits for her young students, eager to teach them the intricate art of acting.

A young and super talented actress, AnnaSophia Robb is determined to learn from the best. She’s heard about her professor’s fashionable preferences and arrives at the mansion, dressed to impress in Très Vivier boots, the buckle polished to a perfect shine, and her matching Beau Vivier bag – a classic silhouette that her teacher will surely appreciate. Inside the grandiose salon, she joins the young actors, a curious mix of characters as eclectic as the shoes on their feet, wearing Viv’ Utility boots, Viv’ Run snow booties and sneakers, Belty Viv’ bags and Broche Vivier bracelets – all with sparkling buckles, a fusion of sophisticated and street for those who want to dazzle.

Drama teacher extraordinaire Susan Sarandon guides her students through each lesson: laughter, speech and accents. With each lesson comes a masterclass in polished dressing, amidst velvet and suede, satin and silk, precious crystals and sparkling gems - footwear and fantasy made real by the Maison Roger Vivier. Because ultimately, superstars deserve their jewels - and at Roger Vivier, shoes can be jewels and the jewels are the shoes.

AnnaSophia Robb, Fall/Winter 2019 collection

Jewels to Shoes

Catalogue FW19/20