Tang Yan

Interview Questions for Roger Vivier Ambassador Tang Yan

As a highly influential, contemporary Chinese actress, Tang Yan has been the ambassador of Roger Vivier in China since 2018. Very fond of Roger Vivier's collections, either for her daily street style or for a red carpet look, the grace that exudes from her every movement perfectly combines the Maison's Parisian style along with her Oriental touch. Viv’ Mag gets up close and personal with Tang Yan to speak about her much publicized wedding, her style preference and her must-visit places in Shanghai.

VM: How difficult was it to find your dream wedding gown and the perfect pair of shoes to match?
TY: I met some difficulties in choosing my wedding shoes, as Roger Vivier offers too many gorgeous shoe designs which were dazzling, but finally I can only have one pair for my wedding. To match with my wedding dress, I chose the Flower Strass glitter pumps. These sparkling, yet comfortable shoes, perfectly matched my white wedding dress, adorned with shimmering crystal flowers. They were the cherry on top of the overall look.

VM: This season, one of the biggest bridal trends are shoes that are more comfortable. Do you think you can get married in shoes like sneakers or flats? Or will you always prefer high-heels for special occasions?
TY: It’s all up to personal preference. When it comes to sports shoes, I think girls that often wear heels can be bold and try it out for their wedding. It can be quite ingenious. I settled with classic heels for my own wedding. I think getting married is a grand, ceremonious, and important day. The Flower Strass glitter pumps made my wedding ceremony more complete and perfect.

VM: You are one of Roger Vivier’s ambassadors, what is it about Roger Vivier that you love? What does being the Maison’s ambassador mean to you?
TY: I am very much attracted by the elegant and romantic style of Roger Vivier. As the Maison’s China ambassador, I am happy to introduce this wave of modern style to more people.

VM: You come from Shanghai, which is such an amazing city that blends the old world with the new, if we only had 24 hours to stay in Shanghai, what would be:
The best restaurant (or place) to eat authentic Shanghainese cuisine?
TY: Home. My mother makes the best meals.

Must-try local dish?
TY: Sweet and sour short ribs.

The best place for shopping?
TY: The best Shopping area is where you can find the Roger Vivier boutique.

The must-visit sites/places in the city?
TY: The Bund, where you can see the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River.

Detail of shoes worn by Tang Yang