Behind Brancadoro

Deep in the heart of the Marche region in Italy, south of Ancona and near the Adriatic Coast, Brancadoro dominates an otherwise unremarkable landscape. With polished gardens that provide the backdrop for huge white buildings, it is a site that inspires awe not only because of what one can see in the outside, but more for what is happening within its walls.

In temperature-controlled rooms, precious skins are kept under the watchful eye of a highly skilled and trained artisans, who ensure the quality of leather and learn its secrets. Their expertise is a precious commodity as the skins they guard, and apprentices train under them to ensure that these skills continue for generations.


Brancadoro is the home of the artisans of Roger Vivier.

It is where the designs of Creative Director Gherardo Felloni are brought to life. From the prototyping stage to sampling and production, there are numerous hands (and minds) that work together to realize the collection that, eventually, lands on your feet. It takes more than 20 steps and 40 pairs of hands to create a pair of Roger Vivier shoes, with each artisan possessing a different skill from the other: one to shape a block of wood to form the mold, one to cut the leather or satin or velvet. Another to place the heel, one to polish and shine, and yet another to finally place the delicate, finished pair into its box. It is a long, intricately detailed and very technical process that only the best and most skilled can do - these are the artisans of Roger Vivier.