The Broche buckle – A Tribute to the Maison’s Heritage

From Marlène Dietrich and Catherine Deneuve to HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Roger Vivier has always been synonymous to the most illustrious and most empowered women of his time. In 1966, Monsieur Vivier created a pair of pumps with a crystal flower buckle, starting a style of embellishment that will inspire many designers in the years to come. Keeping true to this heritage, the Maison continues this tradition of rarity with the Broche buckle, created by Gherardo Felloni for his debut collection in Spring-Summer 2019.

Handcrafted by Italian artisans, the elegant floral pattern of the Broche buckle is composed of different sized crystals, applied in perfect symmetry to a metallic base, a creative reference to the 18th century gardens of the Château de Versailles with their balanced proportions and perfect symmetry. Today, red carpet favorites, such as actress Nicole Kidman and global fashion influencers Alexa Chung and Caroline Daur, are all aficionados of the Broche buckle, featured in shoes, bags and jewelry, making it another icon for Roger Vivier.