The buckle – A Roger Vivier Signature

The buckle is the eternal symbol of the Maison Roger Vivier. The original idea for the first buckle came from the shoe of a marquis, from a time when buckles were perceived as jewelry for the feet. Monsieur Vivier modernized the rectangular shape, making it more geometric, with straight sides that represent masculinity and rounded angles that represent femininity – the perfect symbol of balance. It debuted during the Yves Saint Laurent fashion shown in 1965 - a chrome-plated, oversized buckle that almost covered the entire upper portion of the shoe.

Perhaps what can be considered as the everlasting symbol of Roger Vivier, the buckle symbolizes the eternal cycle of fashion, which draws tomorrow’s concepts from the past. From Roger Vivier to Bruno Frisoni to Gherardo Felloni, the buckle has undergone many permutations, but never losing its distinctive elements, which makes it a Maison signature.