This Christmas we welcome back some of our favorite characters for a special holiday film, imagined by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, that will truly melt your heart. Discover why Christmas is the season of love and magic in “I Woof You!” starring the dog who has captured our hearts, Tuna! The story begins inside the stairwell of a Parisian apartment building, with an accidental encounter between Pauline, Raban and their furry friends. Tuna comes face to face (and nose to nose!) with his soulmate, Mandy, and their attraction is instant. Sadly, the object of his affection is moving away and their chance at discovering romance is gone.


Days turn into weeks and as Christmas day comes near, Pauline and Tuna spend their lonely nights together. They count down the days, waiting for holiday magic to happen. Finally, Christmas morning arrives and a mysterious card is slipped under the door, trailed by a red ribbon that leads to an unexpected destination. Pauline and Tuna follow the path of the red ribbon, running down the cobbled streets of Paris and up to the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg where a wonderful surprise awaits. Pauline sees Raban standing by the gates, holding the other end of the ribbon that is wrapped around a gift – a bright red Roger Vivier box. But where is Tuna’s surprise? He looks around for Mandy, worrying that she’s not there. Suddenly, he hears a tiny bark and sees Mandy running towards him. Love blooms and magic happens – it is Christmas with Roger Vivier, after all.


“I Woof You!” features a special holiday selection of shoes and accessories from Roger Vivier. Perfect for the festive season, these styles feature the sparkling buckles of the Bouquet Strass pumps, the cascading crystals of the Viv’ Pocket Soirée mini bag, and the brilliant bracelets and chokers that make up the new jewelry collection.


"I Woof You!" with Tuna the dog

Christmas Campaign SS20