Vivier Rêveries

A platform for new, contemporary talents who come together to create engaging content that celebrates the spirit of the Vivier woman, Vivier Reveries is back with another team collaboration of industry movers and innovators. This time, old school cool meets contemporary style in a series that captures the best of both worlds.

The Scene
Two modern women go back to the playground of their childhood, the school that shaped their futures. Within the halls of old locker rooms and classrooms, they rediscover their childhood and mix their youthful style with the sophistication of Roger Vivier’s latest collection.

The Styling
A retro chic style, inspired by “Clueless” – the 90s cult film that started a global fascination with high socks, plaid skirts and berets. Our two heroines showcase their preppy girl look, with refined accents from key pieces of the Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019 collection.