The Way I Want

Roger Vivier is proud to present “The Way I Want” a music video filmed in Los Angeles, California, starring Petite Meller, an avant-garde French singer known for her signature look and her nouveau, jazzy-pop sound. “I love collaborating with different artists - dancers, actors, and musicians whose creativity inspire me,” says Creative Director Gherardo Felloni. “Petite is an artist with a vivid imagination, her look and style are beautiful. She is also a magnificent singer and it’s very special to have her write a song exclusively for Roger Vivier.”


The Maison and the artist exclusively collaborated on this project to present the Viv’ Skate sneakers – one of the season’s most loved style. The film features Petite Meller’s “The Way I Want”, a song written especially for Roger Vivier, which captures the youthful and carefree spirit of the Viv’ Skate. “For me the collaboration with the classic French Maison Roger Vivier is a sublime moment of creativity,” Meller says. “Roger Vivier represents the French new wave cinema that I grew up on and was inspired by. Seeing Catherine Deneuve wearing Roger Vivier shoes in my favorite movie ‘Belle de Jour’ and, decades later, myself collaborating with the same Maison was a dream-like fantasy. Filming in L.A. with my friends made me realize, I'm living life precisely ‘The Way I Want’.” Behind the camera, creative director and photographer Eliot Lee Hazel, known for his collaborations with cutting edge musicians such as Beck and Basement Jaxx, worked with the production team in Los Angeles.


The story begins with Petite wandering the desert. She discovers a villa surrounded by palm trees where a gang of skater girls, still dressed up and wearing their Viv’ Skates after a fun night out, are lounging around beside a concrete bowl pool, popular with skateboarders for its sunken shape. Petite gets fascinated with them and tries to ride their skateboard. Unfortunately, her feet are bare and she hits her head as she falls into the empty pool.


As Petite opens her eyes, she sees herself surrounded by the girls, looking at her like a girl who fell out of space. They see the skateboard and her bare feet, and realize what she was trying to do. Dazzled by her, one girl offers a pair of Viv’ Skate sneakers and, after she puts them on, the world changes. Like a dream, Petite starts skating, gliding on the board and doing tricks. Fantasy crosses over to reality, magic fills the air and a unicorn appears as the girls revel in this dreamscape. Petite becomes part of this carefree tribe, living their lives the way they want and making their dreams a reality – a world of beautiful shoes, friendship and infinite possibilities.


The Way I Want

Viv' Skate Sneakers