Le Casting

Roger Vivier presents “Le Casting” a film about love, indecision and the search for that elusive chemistry that makes for the greatest love stories of all time. The film is set inside a theater where our heroine begins the search for her perfect leading man, that perfect kiss and, of course, those perfect pair of shoes to wear for her starring role. One by one, the candidates arrive, hoping to win her with a kiss, but the ideal partner continues to elude her. Disheartened, she escapes into a dream where an endless choice of candidates arrives and, with them, an infinite selection of exquisite footwear, each pair more beautiful than the other. Will her dream become a reality?

“Le Casting” features an exclusive bridal selection from Roger Vivier, with shoes and accessories reminiscent of the dazzling allure of cinema’s golden era. From silver and satin to crystals and pearls, every pair of shoes is handcrafted by Italian artisans with their keen eye for detail, skill and savoir faire. Each bag and clutch is intricately designed and made with precious materials.
Weddings are the perfect occasion for sophisticated dressing and whether you are the bride, a bride-to-be or part of the wedding party, go for glamour and distinction to make this memorable event more extraordinary.

Watch “Le Casting” to find out how this story ends, featuring an exclusive bridal selection by Gherardo Felloni for Roger Vivier, on Instagram TV @rogervivier

The Casting